Three tips for responsible gaming


Numerous people visit an online casino every day. You benefit from the fact that you can play blackjack, poker or roulette online anywhere and do not have to go to a specific location. But there is always the danger that the fun of the game will turn into an addiction. This could result in high financial losses, job loss and social exclusion. To avoid getting into this ominous whirlpool, here are six tips to keep to mind.

Set a budget
Before you log in to the online casino, you should determine how much money you want to play with in total. This should also be the amount you are willing to lose. You need to be clear about the following: With gambling there is always a realistic possibility that you will leave the online casino empty-handed. However, determining the budget is only one aspect. It is at least as important that you adhere to this requirement. It is not uncommon for a player to set a limit, but then eagerly set a higher amount for online roulette. If he then tries to recover his loss by betting again, there is a serious risk that he will become addicted to gambling.

Use a maximum of two percent
Each player has a different financial background. It is therefore not possible to say in general what the maximum amount that the individual should gamble with. However, it is advisable not to wager more than one to two percent of the amount you have deposited in the online casino in a round. So if you have 100 euros in your gaming account, you should bet a maximum of two euros per spin if you play online roulette, for example. This not only extends the time you can spend playing games, it also increases your chances of winning. If you were to bet the 100 euros at once, your game could be over after just one round. However, if you dose your budget, you can play 50 or even 100 rounds and have just as many chances of a sense of achievement.

Look for help
If you feel like you are experiencing symptoms of gambling addiction, you should not be afraid to seek help. We have developed a questionnaire to help you determine whether you are affected by gambling addiction. If this is the case, please contact organizations such as the Federal Center for Health Education .

Good luck!